County Planning Director Kevin Hamblin announces resignation

Hot off the press, THC brings you the freshest news on yet another departure from the ranks of Humboldt County Government’s administrative elite.

According to a source in the Supervisor’s office, Kevin Hamblin, the Director of Planning for the County of Humboldt, has announced that he intends to retire on December 18th, 2015.

Kevin Hamblin, making a very serious point

Kevin Hamblin, making a very serious point

Mr. Hamblin states in his formal letter of resignation that he will be leaving his position for health reasons. We don’t know the man personally, or what his particular health issues are, but THC will boldly hazard a guess: all that up close exposure to the reeking bullshit that is the Humboldt County Government could make anyone sick.

This is actually a very sad day in THC’s eyes: Kevin was the first honest director we had in years, and his tenure was too short. He will be missed by us, and we hope for another Director cast in his mold to come on board in the future. Well, maybe a smaller mold. But, you know. A similar mold.

While Hamblin wasn’t with the department too long, he was a darn huge improvement over his predecessor, Kirk Girard. Who, by the way, is happily screwing things up over in Santa Clara County after he royally f***** our county over. More on that here; and maybe even more on Mr. Girard in the next few days, as well.

That’s right, the top brass just can’t shake Humboldt County fast enough. While some (aka Davina Smith and Jacqueline Debets) are set to go screw over some other unlucky tax payers in other counties, at least Hamblin is throwing in the towel.

So, Kevin, we say to you: happy trails, and feel better. And please, please find a replacement (like you) that actually does their job, unlike Girard who came before you.

Also, the Co-Op makes good chicken soup and we hear that helps with everything.


The Humboldt Consequential

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20 Responses to County Planning Director Kevin Hamblin announces resignation

  1. JJ says:

    I enjoyed reading Arkley’s seething comments about Girard. For that very reason, I miss him.


  2. Henchman Of Justice says:

    Hamblin formerly was in Del Norte County and City of Eureka. Fired from both positions as reported. Does it really matter who the supes hire when the supes are corruptive frauds and put into place their likenesses.

    Answer – NO!



    • Chere Blancarte says:

      Hamblin is a good man. If he was fired from Del Norte County it was because he was not corrupt and couldn’t stomach the likes of David Finigan and Martha McClure.


      • Henchman Of Justice says:

        So too was Jimmy Smith, but for those times like when he conspired to set up Tad for a quick 86 and arrest at public comment by intentionally interupting and luring Tad to respond accordingly.

        Now, Hamblin may be as you write, but lets be honest, Humboldt County Supes for years have, and still are, not been trustworthy in hiring practices. It is politics, but unfortunately, money restricts better candidates from showing people real leadership that includes hiring people with desire to stay and balls to tell supes they are wrong, not just tow the same ole line of doing without questioning or foresight.

        Now, planning staff are threatening sick leave, quitting, retirement all because staff could not, would not tell supes they were wrong on marijuana ordinance implementation measures which have taken away from everything else………this is what Hamblin was no less a part of in leaving, his legacy………do what supes say, but get fired, quit, relocatet or retire…… is a demanding job that few can handle, no doubt……..and whatever came about with that pesky General Plan that somehow went an even different direction once Hamblin took over for Girard.

        Hamblin got his career he needed for retirement, and so he is gone, drinking a margarita and hopefully living a less stressful life because “too big to fail” is Humboldt County.

        Patterns of Authority and implementation without due diligence or foresight, even though a better way exists if staff could be reduced, department streamlined even more so repetetive processes and in like kind projects are quickly administered for approval, not months or years later.

        Hamblin, who is a local, has had the luxury of musical chair employment in gubbamint for a long time, just like Girard. Director is a powerful job position to have and no doubt Hamblin was qualified, but qualified is different than holding an administerial, cowtowing public employee position, no matter how ya slice it, and how often or where politically.


  3. Sammy says:

    Fired, Really? Now GIRARD WAS fired for real from his last 3 jobs, and under guard at one in particular. Personally, I thought handcuffs would be becoming on him…. on his way to prison.

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  4. Arcatan says:

    Bullshit, the CoOp’s chicken soup sucks! Occasionally Eureka Natural Foods is good and even less often Safeway, but I’d hit Winco before the CoOp. Just sayin.


  5. Mac Towner says:

    I think it’s really unfortunate that Kevin Hamblin is leaving. He’s the first gut to bring a bit of class and integrity to the department. Unfortunately our Stupidvisors are likely to pick the first and easiest candidate to replace him. Probably whoever is next in line from the current staff. What they need to do is to find some new blood from an area that has actually had success attracting jobs and business. There isn’t ANYONE on staff now with ANY experience of actually doing ANYTHING positive. A VERY few of them WANT to encourage jobs but NONE of them really has a clue. We really need some serious help from someone who actually knows what they’re doing.

    Probably a wasted thought since the propensity of our Stupidvisors is always to do whats easiest rather than whats best but hey, why put the people you represent and who are relying on you before a golf game?. It’s a question of priorities after all……….


  6. Humboldt County: We’d like to hire you. You’ve got skills, you’ve got experience and you care about what you do.

    Potential Director: *reading anti-government blogs* Uh, no thanks. Seems like my family and I will be tared and feathered unless we kowtow to wealth, developer and sadly misguided right-wing demands fueled by an anti-government propaganda with roots all the way back to the anti-red scares and the John Birch Society. Who in their right mind….

    Humboldt County: OK, we’ll throw in another $100K.

    Formerly Potential Director: Done.

    Anonymous THC and Friends: Those gosh darn obnoxiously highly paid professionals – who are they to make more money than me for goodness sake. I want more of Rob Arkley. He knows what is up.


    • Aww Jon, we are flattered that you acknowledge our ability to deter would-be bureaucrats! You always know the right thing to say to make us feel loved.

      The rest of your…uh, imaginative…statement is harder for us to agree with. But it was cute!


  7. URI says:

    Kevin is a good man. I enjoyed the time I got to spend with him even though we did not see eye to eye all the time. Let’s all hope that whatever health issue he has is resolved easily and quickly.
    Let’s also hope we can find someone to fill his shoes that has the same level of class.


    • Uri Driscoll- commenter and 2016 Humboldt County Supervisor Candidate. Have a seat Uri. This blog and it’s anti-government theme seems to suits you. Why not have another Supervisor who believes the best government is low or no government – at least when planning is concerned.

      Uri – I missed your outrage when Supervisors Bohn and Fennell went behind closed doors to rewrite the General Principles of the General Plan Update on their own.


      • Arcatan says:

        Wow Jon, you have some serious anger issues to get under control. I don’t know Uri but if you reread his post you’ll see that all he was doing was wishing Hamblin good health and a happy retirement. I don’t know his underlying politics but that seems to be a pretty nonoffensive sentiment. As a matter of fact I think I’ll wish you, Uri, and Hamblin all good health and happiness. I guess according to you I’m nothing but a Bush clone now. Thinking before speaking is usually a pretty good policy.

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  8. Sammy says:

    Kevin is a good man. I am wondering if the mess he inherited as a result of the Girard-personal-agenda-no-growth Team was difficult for him; and perhaps he just does not want to continue in that whole scenario. I am sorry to hear of his health issues, and the circumstances in that office can’t be helping him. I have found him to be a very kind man who by nature believes in the positive potential of everyone and it seems to personally hurt him to find out that some folks are just not kind.

    Our loss for sure.

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  9. Poser says:

    Seriously? Hot off the press? This shit is old. Channel 3 had it last week. Guess ur “sources” (WTF? Is this really deepthroat stuff?) are not keeping u updated. Geez. Does ur bloggy thingy have any useful, accurate information? Or are u happy just being the latest muckraker in Humboldt. Do better.


  10. Arcatan – I’ve met Uri and I like him. I’m not here to exchange pleasantries with him. He will be running for Supervisor, as such he has, I’m sure a way to write to Kevin directly. He did this publicly and I’m trying to address what was unsaid in his well wishes.

    Thank you for your thoughts. I return the same to you, to Uri, and to Kevin.

    Now, can we get back to the politics?

    I am angry Arcatan. I’ve read your comments through the past months, especially as they relate to public planning and I do understand why you wouldn’t be.

    Why am I angry? Because we have a county that will vote for Democrats by 25% but we have ways that developers and those with private interests find around allowing public planning. Money and interests are in the game for the long term and they will find any and every way to get what they want over what may be the best public interest.

    It (money) will find any support it can and it loves, loves loves those that think government and/or establishment politics is akin to horse poop to use an analogy Uri might appreciate.

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  11. Cousin Eddie says:

    Hahahahahahahahaha LMOB. What are the developers getting for their money? What big thing have they gotten? What has changed? Hahahahahahahahaha.

    What ever.


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