Ding, Dong, Jacqueline Debets is gone!

If you should hear a sudden burst of fanfare from trumpets and wing’d cherubs around 5 o’clock in the evening on August 14th, don’t be alarmed. It’s not the rapture.

It’s just Jacqueline Debets getting the hell out of Humboldt. And THC couldn’t be happier.

Granted, we aren’t the first on the Humboldt blog scene to announce Debets’ long-awaited departure. But, over the past few months, we have definitely been the most vocal about what a terrible job she was doing around here. Or not doing, seeing as she accomplished basically nothing.

When THC first heard the news, we almost patted ourselves on the back. We said: “She finally flew the white flag after caving in to our witty and poignant rhetoric!”

THC, I surrender! You're logic is too powerful!

THC, I surrender! Your logic is too powerful!

But then we came back to our senses, and realized that she probably just got tired of raping any business that tried to get a foot hold here in Humboldt County. Maybe she needs a new victim – good luck, Placer County!

As noted on the LoCO, Ms. Debets did sponsor a series of love stories on Youtube. Sorry, would-be-business-owners, you can’t set up shop here – but go ahead and check out these Youtube videos. What a f****** waste of our tax dollars, and what a f****** insult to people who wanted to establish a business here.

But fear not, our Debets rant is not a phenomenon unique to THC. One of our favorite THC participants, Sammy, had this to say:

“Also saw on the Lost Coast Outpost that none other than Jacqueline Debets is leaving. Economic Development Department my patootie. In concert with the Girard-Neely no-growthers, as the author of the Economic Development element of the general plan Jacquie single handedly added so many new regulations onto new businesses that start-ups or small businesses have found other areas to be more friendly business locations than Humboldt. Fear not, Jacquie and company think of shutting down Humboldt a victory.

Here’s to her finding her new digs in the Sierra to be hot, dry and snake infested. She’ll be right at home.”

Well said. But the ire doesn’t stop there. Though we hesitate to send you there for the sake of your personal safety/sanity, just check out the Thunderdome conversation on the LoCO’s article about Debets’ departure.

This tells us three things: first, everyone knows how ass-backwards Debets’ feeble attempts to nurture our economy were. Second, the Board of Supervisors had zero oversight over her inaction, and took zero responsibility upon themselves to encourage growth here. (So much for the Board being beholden to business interests – they didn’t do shit for them.) Third, there are a lot of THC-minded folks out there who are really pissed off about Humboldt’s economy and governance.

Truth is, we’re glad to hear it. Since we clearly can’t rely on our elected or appointed officials to save Humboldt, we all better start working on ways to do it ourselves. Suggestions, THC fans? Let us know.

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13 Responses to Ding, Dong, Jacqueline Debets is gone!

  1. John Chiv says:

    Handing THC a PBR.


  2. ken d says:

    Nothing against Ms. Debets, I don’t know her and certainly wish her the best. However, perhaps this is a good time to re evaluate whether her position and others similar at both the City and County are cost effective and/or even needed. As we know most levels of government are top heavy with high paid management, while not enough people with common sense are actually getting the work done.

    The City of Eureka, by wringing their hands with all these public meetings at the Warfinger on what to do with the 3+ acres of waterfront property that they own is laughable. First of all, a public entity like a City or County shouldn’t own any real estate except for perhaps the City Hall or the County Courthouse that they actually occupy. Most, if not all real property should always stay in the hands of private individuals or entities, if for no other reason that they are the only ones who pay the property taxes. This particular property has been vacant and a blight on the waterfront for 30 + years and by now the City has demonstrated that they do not have the expertise to develop it.

    According to the Time Standard article the other day and during one of the aforementioned public meetings on what the City should do with this parcel, someone with a modicum of common sense mentioned selling the property. What a concept? First of all, the City could definitely use the money and secondly, they wouldn’t have to waste all this time having their employees and high paid consultants attend all these idiotic meetings on what should be built there. A private individual would and should take the risk on what would work at that location and the City should butt out except to approve the zoning and building plans.


    • URI says:

      I agree that cities owning so much property needs to be reevaluated. When they don’t have the resources to improve them it not only decreases important property tax revenue it also leaves blighted areas.
      Ken D you make sense and thank you for not trashing Jacqueline she is a friend of mine who I wish well.


      • Sammy says:

        Are you going to run for office?


      • Henchman Of Justice says:

        And then there was the Palco 11, 250+ other homeless, a lawsuit and a new trail specifically intended to evict the homeless, but cavaliered as being a new Bay trail connecter……..it could be the first trail ever constructed within city limits only because it is meant primarily to evict the folks in Palco Marsh.

        HOJ knows JD too, and she comes off as an uppidy, snooty type from Norwegian country who gets all prissy and starts dropping shoes when she don’t get her way, a syndrome it appears more American females are suffering from…..it’s a mental health disorder epidemic (don’t get what you want syndrome)


  3. Milldoin says:

    The people responsible for the removal of Debets and many others, know who they are.


  4. John Chiv says:

    Sammy, yes Uri is going to run for third district Supervisor. I did a post on that today.


  5. Rocky says:

    Ms. Debets was unceremoniously escorted out of Placer County offices this morning.


  6. Rocky says:

    I have a reliable source that works for Placer. Apparently Ms. Debets did not pass her probationary period and protocol dictates you are escorted out by management. It was said that she was not a particularly pleasant person and had an apparent chip left on her shoulder from previous employment. The descriptor I got from my source was that she constantly had this look on her face like the Queen would when being told she’d have to take her royal crap in a public restroom.


    • Henchman Of Justice says:

      Humboldt breeds snooty, yuppie, uppidy uppy types who clamor for wealth off the public sector. It seems more prevalent with the female gender. Think Alex Stillman, nose stuck up to the sky, gossiping to the surrogate implant Connie Stewart about Rex Bohn………Connie coughs alot with flem girgling as if she smokes cigarettes……annoying as hell in a restaraunt.

      As for jobs: Just like healthcare has been changing with the times………

      “The way to FIRE AN EMPLOYEE is to hire that employee on a probationary term.

      SCAM OF HIRING (labor commissioner): when committing ” Fait Accompli”, the employer intentionally, knowingly, premeditatively…….lures an employee from another department because the whole intention is to cut jobs……… but to cut that job, management MUST FIRST bait the employee to leave current job prior to applying for the new job recommendation that is going to be monitered by the probationary terms and, after hiring, the terms switch only at the end of probationary period so as to not come off as complicit in fraud.

      Sometimes it works on getting rid of bad employees.

      Sometimes it works at reducing employment, the real intent camoflaged by the bait and switch tactics that scream “Fait Accompli” that,

      IT WAS NEVER THE INTENTION TO RETAIN THE EMPLOYEE, BUT DECEPTION WAS PRACTICED TO PRODUCE LIES TO INDUCE A CHANGE TO GIVE REASON TO FIRE (reduce employment overall as intended)……..since hiring was never the intention.


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