Eureka might shut curtain on $50,000 denials; County Management pillages Economic Development

The Eureka City Council decided it might be a good idea to hide when they reject claims made against the City.

The Times-Standard ran a nice (as in much nicer than we would have been) Op-Ed about this very subject yesterday, and we highly suggest that you check it out.

THC would like to show some solidarity with the Times-Standard by saying  yes, it is fundamentally wrong for a government to try and hide such matters from the public. Though the Op-Ed presents a somewhat balanced opinion, mentioning that the proposal maybe intended solely to streamline adminisitrative procedures, we are not quite clearly imbalanced.

So we will say: That is bullshit, Eureka.

Who’d have thought that such a “progressive” City Council would entertain the idea of hiding government processes from the public eye?



Meanwhile, back at the County Supervisors’ Chambers, THC was not surprised at all to learn that a salaried position from Humboldt’s, uh, inefffectual Economic Development Department was reallocated over to the County Administrative Management and Budget Team.

Generally, we actually might be kind of excited to hear that the Supes recognized that they were essentially dumping money into the bottomless black hole that is the E.D.D. We’ve harped on the total failure of the E.D.D. before, and even suggested that money would be better spent elsewhere for the sake of jump starting Humboldt’s economy.

But, for crying out loud, trust the Supes to take a great idea and run into the frickin’ ground.

What precisely was accomplished by giving a member of the County Administrative team a raise? (Or a job reclassification and subsequent increase in compensation, for all the nitpickers out there.) They even took the salaried position away from the Economic Development Department’s Revenue Recovery team.

That’s just laughable – remember how our County’s revenue stream is so down in the dumps compared to our spending that the County has a ridiculously high deficit? Even after raising taxes again this year? Yeesh.

Congrats, RexEstelleMarkVirginia (names are so rendered because these people are clearly not functioning individuals, but some sort of idiotic hive-mind organism); in one fell swoop, you have worsened the prospects of fixing the County’s dire economic condition, and lined the pockets of another County employee near the top of the Administrative Food Chain.

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5 Responses to Eureka might shut curtain on $50,000 denials; County Management pillages Economic Development

  1. John Chiv says:

    Agree with both the THC and TS that transparency is good and Eureka City Council has time to ponder that input.

    As for the CAO’s office growing larger, its time to trim that office, not expand it. Maybe there will be no such position, instead the CAO can use that salary to study Humboldt Hot Sauce, Larrupins Mustard and Diane’s Sweet heat request that did not get funded through Measure Z.


  2. Milldoin says:

    Haynes’s empire is designed to last until his contract is up. Then the whole house of cards will come tumbling down.


  3. John Chiv says:

    Milldoin, touche.


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