Don’t let the door hit ya, Davina!

THC can think of no better way to welcome a new work week than by saying goodbye (and good frickin’ riddance!) to a woman leaving the Humboldt workforce for good.

We’re talking about soon-to-be-former Deputy County Counsel Davina Smith, a compatriot of that nincompoop Carolyn Ruth. Both of them were liars, did some very serious harm to the County through giving poor legal advice, and unashamedly pushed a very specific, anti-all-things-progress and economy agenda.

Don’t blame Obama. Don’t blame Bush. (Actually, go for it – blame ’em both!)

Just don’t forget to also blame Davina. We hear she’s off to some really rural, redneck County like Modoc (or something) to take a position with the DA. Hopefully, she’ll remember that being a lawyer means following the law, too, instead of lying about the law to get your way.

What, you don’t believe us about any of this? Go ahead and ask anyone involved with the County government and see what they’ve got to say about her.

Or go ahead and ask her yourself – just don’t expect a straight answer. (You know – the lying thing?)

Bye-bye, Davina. Don’t let the door hit you on the way out!

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8 Responses to Don’t let the door hit ya, Davina!

  1. Robert jones says:

    Well i ask her and she said she has never told a lie, as her nose grew 3″


    • Sammy says:

      YEAH!!!!! Talk about Pinocchio! She just made stuff up as she went along. And like her mentor Carolyn I-can’t-even-spell-the-word-truth Ruth she represents the worst of the worst of the bottom dwelling scum sucking diabolical sociopaths. Go ahead: some hone hold the door for her and then SLAM her ass out of here!


      • Sammy says:

        Also saw on the Lost Coast Outpost that none other than Jacqueline Debets is leaving. Economic Development Department my patootie. In concert with the Girard-Neely no-growthers, as the author of the Economic Development element of the general plan Jacquie single handedly added so many new regulations onto new businesses that start-ups or small businesses have found other areas to be more friendly business locations than Humboldt. Fear not, Jacquie and company think of shutting down Humboldt a victory.

        Here’s to her finding her new digs in the Sierra to be hot, dry and snake infested. She’ll be right at home.


      • Seriously? says:

        I never realized what a truly witty sense of humor Debets has. She actually lists the positives to Auburn as being business opportunity and the areas growth all after she and her friends have done everything in their power to kill any chance at the same things here. Ha ha ha ha. F-ing incredible! Growth is evil in Humboldt but fantastic in Auburn. The audacity of these people is only exceeded by their hypocrisy.


  2. Milldoin says:

    Neely, Faust, Girard, Chaitin, Ruth, Spencer, Punla, Smith, Debits. Nearly all of the dirty dozen are gone.


    • Sammy says:

      7:26: Thank you for the list!

      Lest we forget Berg, Stewart (so verbose in the book “Set up and sold out: Find out what Green really means”) and J. Woolley (“I don’t CARE what the law says, DO what I tell you!”), T. (Night-time zone and plan changer without due process) Hofweber, E. (conflict of interest, anyone?) Conner.

      Now we just have to pitch S. ‘just call me Adolph” Werner, M.( ‘Here, this IS my urine’ whilst passing container of someone else to the lab tech) Richardson, J. Rice, M.(YOU tell me what to do; I am so confused!) Wilson.


    • John Chiv says:

      Milldoin per your explaination on Haynes, I will not correct Debits.


  3. Chris Neave says:

    If you want a ride, you let the doorknob hit you where the good lord split you. I knew this one guy who said that I could date him as long as I promised him that I would give up my dog and my white cane—I told him, “don’t let the door hit you where the good Lord split you.


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