Angered Humboldt-ian calls “blind” Arcata Coucil out on their B.S.

We’ve poked fun at Arcata’s proposal for a Medicinal Marijuana complex out in West End on a few occasions in the past. Honestly, we just kind of rolled our eyes and said “Arcata, right?” Because, hey, they are idiots over there in the Arcata City Council.

(Also, shouldn’t the proposed complex be called “Medical Cannabis Innovation Zone?” Where’s the outrage, Humboldt cannabis enthusiasts?)

Not only would such an outcome rob Humboldt of an area primed for industrial development, but our local governments’ idol-worship of Mother Mary-Jane rings especially sour in our ears. Here are some of our thoughts on Humboldt government’s love affair with pot.

Thankfully, a concerned Humboldt citizen wrote a kick-ass piece for the Arcata City Council, and it was sent in to the Mad River Union on the very subject of the Medical Marijuana Innovation Zone. Here’s a link to the full text; THC sincerely hopes that you – and the powers that be here in Humboldt – will give the points she raises some careful consideration.

And that’s not the first time this unusually sensible person took to the papers to voice her misgivings: check out the op-ed she sent to the Times-Standard not too  long ago.

Ms. Concerned-citizen-who-shall-not-be-named-on-this-blog, THC salutes you for taking a stand. Now go get ’em again!

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2 Responses to Angered Humboldt-ian calls “blind” Arcata Coucil out on their B.S.

  1. kevpod says:

    ” it was sent in to the Mad River Union”

    Not exactly. The physical letter was submitted to the Planning Commission, as Jane doesn’t have email. I picked up a hard copy at City Hall and retyped it in so that her complete statement could be known.


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