Mystery solved: McKay Forest’s hidden hobo waterpark the cause of California drought

Remember way back in the day when building your own private fort was the most fun you could possibly have? It’s still right up at the top of our list, honestly. And it’s a particularly useful skill for bums like us.

That’s why, a few years ago, we decided to create the THC clubhouse deep within the forgotten regions of the Arcata Community Forest. The Mad River Union was kind enough to give our very exclusive clubhouse some press earlier this morning. We were hoping for an HGTV exposé, but we can settle for the Union.

Unfortunately, the jig is up, and the authorities are on to us. So we went searching for greener pastures. Turns out that the scene along the Mad River has already blown up with transients, and we aren’t too keen on the massive bonfires on public lands.

Of course, Devil’s Playground is out of commission for a little while – we tricked the City of Eureka into being our maids and they are taking a damn long time about cleaning up after us! I know a lot of our fellow homeless are eager to move back in.

So in the end we took a looong jaunt over to the McKay tract in Eureka – you know, that big and really expensive piece of public land that is closed to the public? We found this sign when we walked up to the barred gate.


Dang it all, but we should have known – just because the County has forbidden the tax-paying public from entering the Community Forest doesn’t mean that free-loaders like ourselves hadn’t been taking advantage of this “pristine” private resort created by tax dollars!

We thought that we’d been pretty savvy when it came to building our little hovel out in Arcata, but we were blown away by some of the stuff our fellow hobos had going for ’em out here. Check it!

Case solved - Hobo Water Park in the McKay Forest the Cause of Drought

Case solved – Hobo Water Park in the McKay Forest the Cause of Drought

Maybe if the general public were allowed in the “Community” Forest, then we all would have known about this water-slurping wonder nestled out in the woods. (And you thought it was marijuana sucking up all our water!)

They even have a really sweet garbage system worked out where they dump their shit wherever they please and get it cleaned up by the County at no cost to themselves!

Bad news is that it’s already getting pretty crowded back here in the McKay – that’s why we’re so excited that even more money was spent to increase the size of the forest. Plenty room for expansion now.

Of course, as the green rush dies out over the next few years, and all the trimmers and “house-sitters” have to go back to admitting that they are bums, we will probably face another shortage of public lands to camp on.

That’s why everybody should go to Eureka’s Planning meetings next week to tell the City that the waterfront should be developed solely for the use of the homeless population. We already practically run the scene down by the boardwalk – why not just give it us officially? Then the County/City can finally say they actually did something about the homeless problem.

Wouldn’t that be a welcome surprise?

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2 Responses to Mystery solved: McKay Forest’s hidden hobo waterpark the cause of California drought

  1. Tall Trees says:

    McKay is not closed to the public. Your rant is off base.


    • TT, um…what? Yes, it is. Unless they have suddenly approved legal public access without telling anyone. Which I highly doubt, given that the County treats the McKay tract like Mecca. Sure, you can ignore the no trespassing signs and cruise through the forest – but as far as THC is aware, legal access has yet to be granted.

      Send us a link or something that tells us it’s open – we can’t wait to go four-wheelin’ back there.


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