The Supervisors: Are they Listening?

Remember all those things we were whining about last week? Lack of attention to economic matters. Pandering to greedy grubby growers. Not doing enough about our shitty roads (yeah, we got distracted by that guy Matt, so we didn’t talk about roads much. Whoops.)

Yep, we said it loud and clear: Supervisors, stop screwing around and get down to business on the issues that really matter. It’s tough being right all the time, especially when nobody does shit about your excellent suggestions.

But you know what? The County listened! They actually listened! That’s right. THC is calling the shots these days, folks. Just check out the agenda for the upcoming Supervisor’s meeting.

Economy galore! Talk about fixing roads! Unfreezing salaried positions for laborers! Gadzooks, Humboldt, they really do care.

Or at least they’re giving the issues we are talking about some lip service. We’ll check back in with you later this week to talk about whether they actually accomplished anything. Odds are good that, like in the past, the Supes will make a big show of talking about the economy and then do nothing about it. And give themselves a big fat pat on the back for it too. But hope springs eternal!

(Sadly, no, we wouldn’t bother paying attention to the GPU meeting going on right now in Redway – who wants to bet they never go back down there again? They just had to appease all the folks they’ve been absolutely ignoring and exploiting for so long.)

We’ll also be announcing June’s top commenter (better late than never, right?) and unveil our first piece inspired by a tip from a THC enthusiast. It’s a big week here in Humboldt Government folks – keep your eyes and ears peeled for the unadulterated truth via your friends at THC.


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