Hey County: Stop playing with your grants and put that money to use!

Well THC fans, we sure hope you had a great weekend celebrating our wonderful Country’s Independence this past weekend. While those of us here at the Consequential like to enjoy the 4th in most ways that other people do – fireworks (sparklers and snakes are our favorites), booze, copious amounts of hot dogs and the should-be-mandatory salute to the ol’ Red, White, and Blue – we also like to take a few minutes from our time on the beach to think about what the 4th means to us all.

And there’s one word we always come back to: Freedom.

Now, the big F means a lot of different things to a lot of different folks. For us, it primarily means wishing we were free from the idiotic – dare we say inept? – leadership decisions coming down the line from our favorite Failing Five.

Of course, we’re talking about the Board of Supervisors. They had a lot on their docket for the B.o.S. meeting yesterday, ranging from pot presentations and deliberations, closeted discussions with their Labor negotiator about how to keep raising government salaries, actually raising the salaries of a couple management positions, and finally getting down to fixing this county’s awful roads. (Tune in to THC on Friday for more on that.) You can read more about all that good stuff here.

But one item that really stuck out to us was the discussion about the Community Development Block Grant. Or, well, the lack of discussion.

Now, brace yourselves, because THC actually loves the small changes the Board approved. The changes will make it easier for small businesses to get loan assistance in getting their operations off the ground. Bravo, Supervisors. Bravo.

Back to reality though, folks. The discussion on the item lasted all of 4 minutes. This is in stark contrast to an item on the agenda from earlier in the day that was laughably called “Presentation Thanking the Board of Supervisors for their Leadership to Provide for Community Access to Media Through Cable Franchise Agreements.” That particular segment lasted nearly 15 minutes.

Basically, the Board spent 4 minutes (not) discussing the economic future of our County, and devoted 15 minutes to patting themselves on the back. Sounds about right, doesn’t it?

Meanwhile, those of us pining about freedom from their idiocy were left wondering: “WTF, Supervisors?”

Sweeping the larger issue of huge employment deficiencies in Humboldt under the rug in roughly 4 minutes, and then rushing to hear from community do-gooders California Cannabis Voice Humboldt for over 2 hours sends a pretty clear picture about where the Board’s priorities lie. We went into detail about that last week.

On a slightly funny/makes us gag note, Sundberg was heard to praise CCVH for their transparency. Yikes.

But the biggest issue at hand remains – where is all the discussion about improving the economy? Where is the presentation from the Economic Development Department about what they have accomplished on that front? Where is the presentation of precisely what benefits the $1.2 million Community Development grant has provided to the economy so far? That’s a lot of cash – maybe the citizens of Humboldt should know more about what it is or is not doing.

Furthermore, where is the accountability – for both the Board and the Economic Development Department – for not doing a damn thing to significantly address that problem?

We think that such conversations would be a much better use of tax-funded time in comparison to a 2 hour discussion of a draft of an ordinance that has been attacked from all sides of the Humboldt community. That’s all.

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3 Responses to Hey County: Stop playing with your grants and put that money to use!

  1. Sammy says:

    As usual, you ROCK. Cheers-


  2. Milldoin says:

    Has anyone heard the rumor that Mark is handing his seat to Wilson,(mister potato head)?


  3. Rob says:

    Tin man says
    Great points THC. The stupervisors don’t talk about economic development because they are clueless about it. But what do you expect from a former waitress, insurance salesman, a radio reporter,a truck driver, and an environmental obstructionist. Is there one of them that has ever really created a job? No they have not, unlike our county economic development dept who is really good at creating jobs in the economic development dept of the county!,


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