Where in the world is Mark Lovelace?

mark's homeIn THC’s ritual Sunday review of government meeting video  (yes, our lives are that exciting), we generally come across a few things that really grind our gears.

Now, there was plenty of stupid stuff going on last week. Lots of poor decision making, lots of inexplicably pointless discussion, lots of mind-boggling government spending. Did you check out the budget summary from the County of Humboldt? Don’t worry, we’ll dig into that more on Wednesday.

But something that really struck as us odd was this: Mark Lovelace was nowhere to be found at the weekly Board of Supervisor’s meeting. This was especially surprising since one of the items on  the Stupidvisor’s afternoon agenda was a discussion of lifting the ban on marijuana dispensaries.

We all know how much Lovelace loves him some marijuana dispensaries, considering how hard he lobbies for both dispensaries and how much he loves California Cannabis Voice Humboldt.  (No official word on how much he loves their medicine, but, come on. Look at the guy).

You’d think that Mark Lovelace, County representative of Humboldt’s 3rd District (Hey Arcata!) would be all sorts of gung-ho in supporting anything marijuana-related, particularly when it concerns giving those in need a safe, legal way to get their medicine. This is, after all, the same district that wants a Medical Marijuana Innovation Center to replace some prime industrial space on its northern outskirts. Don’t you think ol’ Marky Mark should be out there championing the interests of his constituents?

In any case, we went back and checked the tape from Monday’s GPU meeting, and guess what? Lovelace wasn’t there either. That’s not necessarily a big deal; pretty much nothing gets accomplished in the County’s GPU meetings. They’re mostly just a chance for the usual shills to suck up to Rex, Virginia and Estelle.

But, the issue here is, what the heck is Mark doing? Has he lost his motivation for public service?

Maybe he was stuck out on Island Mountain with Hezekiah Allen during the Sheriff’s big raid? Rubbing elbows and blowing smoke with his environmentally destructive pals from CCVH? I didn’t see any of them stepping up in defense of marijuana dispensaries at the Board meeting. (Which is a pretty clear indication that CCVH doesn’t give a damn about pot – excuse us, cannabis – beyond how much money they can make off of it.)

In any case, where in the world do you think Mr. Lovelace was? And more importantly, is he still the person you want “working” to represent you at the level of County government?

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12 Responses to Where in the world is Mark Lovelace?

  1. John Chiv says:

    Unsubstantiated rumors say its spiltsville between Mark and his wife. If that is true, cut the guy some slack. People have a right to take personal time off.


    • Anonymous says:

      I find it’s best not to repeat unsubstantiated rumors, as they are, well, unsubstantiated. Perhaps that’s something you might want to consider next time.


      • SoHum Gal says:

        Hey Mark, Thanks for checking in.


      • John Chiv says:

        Anonymous until you have the guts to use your name, what you think is irrelevant.

        Instead of preaching to others, unless you have any facts to add, what you think is best is best kept in your own head.


  2. Just A Worker Bee says:

    Ryan Sundberg told a friend of mine who Ryan plays golf with regularly that Mark has moved out of his house and is staying with various friends. Ryan was laughing and said, “the little guy”, Ryan’s inappropriate words not mine, is totally distraught because even his kids no longer speak to him. I really dislike Mark but don’t wish these kind of problems on anyone. I also supported Sundberg but find his comments totally distasteful.


  3. Mac Towner says:

    My impression is that Lovelace and Sundberg are tied for the most arrogant politicians in Northern California. For both of them it’s all about them and screw the voters who put them in office. They both deserve whatever they get and I hope both their wives come to their senses. Maybe they can shack up together and fight about just who is most superior to the masses?


  4. Seriously? says:

    Loveless is smarter, Sundberg just thinks he is.


  5. anonymo2014 says:

    I have almost always found Mark to be by far the hardest working Board of Supervisor. I have found Sundburg to be an a**hole. It appeared to me that Mark was slipping when he did not get the significance of trees poking into aircraft as a safety issue. The 4-1 votes I find most important as a dissenting opinion. I was hoping Mark had found a balance between work and play. It is hard when you are surrounded by backstabbing snarks.


  6. Milldoin says:

    Looks like the progressives are jumping ship. One of there own gets wounded, and like sharks when there is a little blood in the water begin to circle.


  7. Sammy says:

    Check Bonnie’s house


  8. Sammy says:

    OOps, I meant check Jennifer Kalt’s house.


  9. Anonymous says:

    It is pretty well known that he is separated from his wife. I did see him at an event, and noticed he was no longer wearing a wedding ring. Word is he is not going to run for re-election and he is taking a gig in Sacramento regarding Marijuana lobbying.


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