A Tale of Two Supervisors: Illegitimate love child?

As promised in our post earlier this week, THC tracked down the notorious photo of the child rumored to spring from an unholy and completely unexpected tryst between two of Humboldt County’s own Supervisors.

We won’t name names, because we don’t want to rile up Child Protective Services since it’s clear that this particular child wasn’t loved enough. But hey, no wonder.

Warning: Shield your eyes!


Any guesses who the responsible parties might be??

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3 Responses to A Tale of Two Supervisors: Illegitimate love child?

  1. Cousin Eddie says:

    Holy Shit, I know that guy! He always told me he was the product of an acid-fueled night of passion and left on the doorstep at St. Joe’s. No wonder those two don’t along. He’s doing well FYI, drummer in an 80’s tribute band.


  2. humboldturtle says:

    Wes Chesbro in 1985?


    • Now that’s seriously funny! Though as the love child matures he/she will have to grow a much better beard if she/he is going to be able to follow in the Wes-meisters footsteps and chase his interns around the couch. Thinking back, there is an uncanny resemblance to Wesley during his first term on Arcata’s City Council. Of course that was when he still had ethics and integrity, long before selling out to the Garbage Committee and the environmental lawsuit machine.

      We see the possibility of a regular column for you Turtle. Perhaps a weekly word from the terrapin perspective?


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