Hey County of Humboldt: want to reduce the deficit and save some money? Stop giving administrator’s 20% raises!

We are back as promised, THC fans, with a nifty little graph as a follow-up from yesterday’s post detailing the ridiculously high compensation certain county government officials bring in on a yearly basis.

You’ll notice in the graph below that we have included compensation values for the years 2012 and 2013, just so you can see exactly how much more the individuals in question gained in total compensation over a one year period. As you can see, they all had a lot more bacon to go around in 2013.


See those itty-bitty teenie-weenie yellow bars over to the right of the graph? That’s you!

Ahem, actually the yellow bar located second-to-the right of the graph represents the average income for entire households in Humboldt, or $41,426, over the years of 2009-2013.

The smallest of the bars on the graph represents the “Per capita money income in past 12 months (2013 dollars), 2009-2013,” or the average annual income on an individual basis. If you have to squint like me, that number is $23,540.

Now, we understand these measuring sticks aren’t the perfect tools for the job, since they also include people who don’t actually work or report their income (I’m looking at you, “medicine” growers!). In fact, these figures are supplied by none other than the US Census Bureau, and if you haven’t guessed it by now, we assure you that the Consequential doesn’t exactly believe everything the government tells us.

However, we do think that they are pretty excellent for demonstrating the fact that high-level county administrators get paid way too frickin’ much given the comparative salaries of the people they are supposed to be serving (and you remember how good of a track record Phillip Crandall has with that, don’t you?)

Even without the comparison of average Humboldt incomes, the massive increases in total compensation these people are receiving are outrageous! Especially over the years 2012-2013 when our entire country – and particularly Humboldt County – was in the midst of a severe economic downturn. (Oh, we still are? Shucks.)

So, we say to all decision makers in Humboldt County government, do you want to save the County that pays your bills get out of hard economic times? Do you want to increase the standard of living for all of the people that call this beautiful place home, or just for your cronies? And particularly to the Board of Stupidvisors, we say: want to fix the massive deficit that Phillip Smith-Hanes – the same guy who $200k+ compensation in one year – loves to tell you about in Board meetings?

Well, how about you stop paying these people so damn much. At the very least quit increasing their pay. For cryin’ out loud, you could have used the same money you gave your upper-level cronies to give raises to the people on the county payroll that are living near the poverty-line. We wouldn’t have even complained about that. Probably.


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7 Responses to Hey County of Humboldt: want to reduce the deficit and save some money? Stop giving administrator’s 20% raises!

  1. Milldoin says:

    Most of the good paying private sector jobs have left the County, but the County government continues to grow. It is not right that ANY county workers retirement should be 3 times the average private household income.


  2. jtimmons88 says:

    Yawn. Such original thinking!


  3. Julie Williams says:

    “jtimmons88”; awww, . . .is that you Richard Salzman?


  4. Mac Towner says:

    Why isn’t our Supervisors salary tied to the median salary of the people they supposedly represent? I get that they must be superior to the rest of us but, hey, is Sundberg or his buddy Lovelace worth twice as much as I am? Three times? Four? I would really like to know how much more worthy they think they are.

    Would it be a possibility for THC Live to send a letter asking our Supervisors to directly respond to the question of why they think they are so much more valuable than the rest of us?

    I’ve tried to make this point before and no one has offered an opinion as to why officials wages can’t be tied to ours. Everyone I’ve asked thinks it’s a great idea!

    ps: How about some of that free stuff! This is a better idea than Mitch’s comment, no offense intended.


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