A P.S.A. for all THC readers, please pay attention to what your local government is doing

We take a break from our normally scheduled shit-talking to bring you a highly important message:

If you do not actively keep an eye on what your local g0vernment is talking about and putting in to motion, THEY WILL ROYALLY SCREW YOU. And you won’t be able to do anything about it.

Seriously, folks, we have all got to take it upon ourselves to be watchdogs for the inner workings of our local government. Maybe “babysitters” is a better term, but whatever.

It’s really not entirely the fault of our elected and appointed officials that they seem to mess everything up – after all, the way the bureaucratic system works, combined with the naturally occurring levels of stupidity found in nearly every public administrator’s genetic makeup, is a recipe for disaster.

That’s why we at THC, noble public servants that we are, want to provide you all with easy access to keep track of what’s going on in government council meetings. We started paying attention to this bullshit a couple years ago, and that’s what lead us to create the THC fellowship in the first place. That, and because staying up all night lurking outside County Supervisors’ windows can get really exhausting. My wife started to wonder…

Anyway, being informed is the first step to affecting change and all that crap. Below this post, we’ve provided a ton of really cool links to government websites that give you direct access to meeting agendas, archived (and live!) video, and even some ways to directly give the government a piece of your mind. You can also always find these links (and others!) at the bottom of THC’s main page.

Go forth, good readers, and stir shit up.

Arcata City Council Meetings and Agendas

Board of Supervisors Meetings and Agendas

City of Fortuna

Eureka City Council Meetings and Agendas

McKinleyville Municipal Advisory Committee

And last but not least…OpenHumboldt, the brain child of the Board of Stupidvisors that allows electronic input from the public.

Ha ha ha! Guess they never expected how many pictures of cats and porn links they’d get from us! That’s how you stick it to ’em kids, take notes!


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