People who actually produce things lose jobs, jobs that only contribute to deficit continue to grow (as always)

Surprised? You shouldn’t be.

We can’t think of a single report from the Humboldt Economic Index over the last year that paints a pretty picture for the future. Check it out – manufacturing and industry going down. Again!

It boggles the mind that some people think the fact that the only tangible gains in jobs in the county are in the public sectors is a great thing. These are the same people who recently talked about the huge deficit facing the county due to pension liabilities for government employees.

Now, hey, jobs are a good thing. THC is not against people getting their just reward for working.

What we are against is when people start in with their damned kumbaya circles and declare that Humboldt County should be proud – should be celebrating! – when the only jobs we are creating are ones that will just make our county poorer. That will string out our resources farther and farther. That will make even higher demands on local tax payers – who generally don’t make anywhere near what public sector employees are making – to fund ridiculous hiring and compensation practices.

People (aka idiots) can argue that the new jobs will end up injecting our economy with new dollars from all the salaries being paid to public employees. But don’t forget, those are the SAME dollars the government snatched from you at tax time. And a significant amount of those dollars are not going back into the economy – they are going straight into the CALPERS nest eggs that get paid into every public employees pension fund.

It’s like milking a little bit of extra milk from a decrepit old cow – sure, we’ve got a little bit more milk for a day, but – whoops! – you killed the cow and you’ve got no replacement in sight.

Which is actually a great comparison for the Humboldt economy, and for the irresponsible way in which the county keeps raising salaries and paying out bigger percentages of employees’ pension funds – a dead, stinking cow.

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1 Response to People who actually produce things lose jobs, jobs that only contribute to deficit continue to grow (as always)

  1. Mac Towner says:

    Unfortunately it seems like once they are elected, our public officials stop thinking about their election promises and the people they represent and instead just start kissing up to county employees and their union. I remember going to several campaign events for Supervisor Sundberg. Every single time he gave a speech he talked about changing the culture in county government. He touted his private sector experience and promised to help small business create jobs. As best as I can see that was nothing but empty promises. He hasn’t followed through on anything but raising taxes. Funny how he didn’t let any of us in on that plan during his campaigns! Under his watch he’s done nothing but grow government bigger and bigger at the expense of small family businesses. I’m really tired of seeing my income drop year after year while county employees get raise after raise. I see sheriffs and firemen individually making $150,000 per year and the average WHOLE FAMILY is only bringing in $40,000. That’s just wrong and Sundberg does nothing to stop this trend. That’s not even taking about the laundry guy at the jail that brings in $85,000 plus! These people should be embarrassed to be seen around town.


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