The Arcata City Council defies the laws of nature and does something proactive for once

Just when we were starting to feel like no one was taking our freaking awesome advice to heart, we get some daily affirmation from one of the most unlikely places.

I’m talking ’bout the City of Arcata, shelter of the slovenly, home of the hapless hippie, persecutor of progress.

Yeah,  we said some not so nice things about them in the past -but if Arcata can forgive, then there is truly Hope for Humboldt.

Here at the THC, we regularly bitch and moan that nobody in our county’s official channels is doing much to give our economy a boost, like when we were super depressed by the vacant site of the old Flakeboard building and posted a sad, sad picture of it.

Don't look at it too long, it'll make you want to go live on the plaza!

Don’t look at it too long, it’ll make you want to go live on the plaza!

But Arcata City Council proved us wrong and took steps to help out a fledgling (legal) marijuana industry. (Kinda feel like I need a shower after writing a sentence like that).

Now, we aren’t saying that the new “Medical Marijuana Innovation” project the LOCO reported on yesterday is a good idea. Or a moral one (what is up with people treating marijuana like it’s gonna save us?). Or one that is even a feasible undertaking. I sure don’t think the good citizens of Arcata are too pleased that their City government is a stakeholder in this proposed marijuana processing plant!


Whoo-ee. Almost blew my O right there.

Don’t worry, we’ll be back to our normal doom and gloom in no time. But you gotta celebrate the little victories, since they’re pretty much the only kind we ever have in our economy.

Maybe someday, they’ll give the green light to a project that will actually accomplish something for the economy, instead of just dead-end projects inspired by marijuana (or the City Council’s use of it.)


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1 Response to The Arcata City Council defies the laws of nature and does something proactive for once

  1. Cousin Eddie says:

    Arcata’s the only one that has their shit together with economic development. Their batshit crazy politics agitate me, but they do know how to get the grants and bring home the loot. Also know how to get shit done, and the balls to do it. Grow house? Tax the hell out of them. Problem solved. Credit where credit is due.


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