County keeps filling their own coffers, what are they doing for you?

Here we are again, Consequential fans. It’s time to talk county salaries, as reported on Transparent California.

Now, the powers that be are clearly more than happy to pay their own people plenty of money. We talked last week about how much the Patron Saint of the Humboldt Economy, Jaqueline Debets, makes in a year.

In the county’s defense, they are paying people called “Employment Trainers,” which seems pretty self explanatory. These people get paid to help people get ready to contribute to our economy. Exactly what jobs they are preparing people for is beyond me.

On the surface that seems great – except when you take a look at this and see that they are paying A LOT of people A LOT of money to train people for jobs that there just aren’t a lot of.

Last week, we mentioned that the average household income in Humboldt – not for a single person – is $41,426 per year. If you look at the list, you’ll see that 18 individuals are being paid more than that, some of them more than double. Looks like there’s a few youngun’s in that department below that pay grade – you can bet your ass they do most of the work, too.

You know, I remember how I got “employment training” for all my jobs: I got a damn job, and learned on the fly. I’m guessing that’s how it was for most you readers out there.

Now I’m not saying the employment training program is a terrible idea – I think it’s great. But maybe if we spent some of the cash going in to salaries towards creating more jobs, we’d have somewhere for these newly trained super-employees to go.

There’s plenty of people in Humboldt that will pull themselves up by their boot straps and get to work, and they’d work hard. We just need the people in charge who are supposed to be helping the public instead of giving handouts to redundant and unnecessary government employees to get on top of their shit and start doing it.

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1 Response to County keeps filling their own coffers, what are they doing for you?

  1. Julie Williams says:

    Gee, this sounds like the author is a good friend of mine. . . folks have been calling me to see if I am the author. I am not. Thanks to you whomever you are; you are very good at your research and writing and I love the lil’ touches of expletives here and there. You GO whoever you are!!!


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