Normally I’d throw some references to the Humboldt Economic Index at you, or rant about how Jaqueline Debets over at the Economic Development office isn’t getting anything done – but I just happened to walk my dog past the old Flakeboard site on West End Road the other day, and thought that a simple picture could sum up how our economy is doing pretty darn well all by itself. Sure looks nice, doesn’t it?


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  1. Jobless says:

    Ouch, my bad, I thought the photo was downtown Eureka.


  2. Bill says:

    Obviously you don’t get it – there are all kinds of jobs here; there are people to assess it, regulators to regulate it, economic development people to write reports about what happened, consultants to figure out how to clean it up, other consultants to ponder what could be done, elected officials to proclaim things. Grants to be written, visioning to be done, meetings to be had. See, lots of jobs. If you are looking for the type of job that Actually Produces Something, quit living in the past, we are in the information age, we don’t need to produce anything, we just need to know lots of stuff about things.

    Regardless, all the people who used to work there are now working in the vibrant Humboldt tourist industry or maybe the ‘green economy’, our ill fated unsung hero… No jobs lost, move along.


    • Jobless says:

      Unfortunately this is all too true. I remember a time not so long ago that our young people could find an entry level job at Kmart or Target, in construction, or at a mill. These jobs weren’t supposed to be long term but were supposed to get your foot in the door so that you could prove your long term worth. They also didn’t pay well, they weren’t expected to be a “living wage”, that wasn’t the point. Nowadays, we have no construction industry to speak of and we run off anyone who wants to build or move here, the mills have closed do to corporate mismanagement, and the few retail jobs that do exist have so many people chasing them that a formerly entry level position has become a lifetime career choice along with the government assistance that is required to subsist on the low wages. I just wish our so called “progressive” leaders like Virginia Bass, Mark Lovelece, and Estelle Fenel understood that their regulations and taxes have real effects on everyday people who just want to get up and go to work.


      • Bill says:

        Maybe we could all get jobs at the county? I hear they pay pretty well.


      • MastaBlasta says:

        All your children belong to the pot industry now muhahaha! Seriously why the hell would kids take jobs at McDonald’s and get laughed at when we can make bank in the hills? It’s old ass idiots like you that just don’t get it the economy has changed low wage dead end jobs aren’t gonna cut it


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