The Humboldt Consequential is Live and we are PISSED

The Humboldt Consequential is dedicated to making sure that our local government is taken to task for all of the ridiculous decisions they make and ludicrous things they say. The truth is that sometimes you gotta tell our elected officials just how stupid they are, and if enough of you – our readers – hop on board, we can make a difference. THC is tired of government bigwigs wreaking havoc on us little people using taxpayer money.

The truth of the matter is that the idiotic things being done in our county’s official channels have consequences; one of those consequences is that we, the people of Humboldt, are sick of the bullshit that is bringing our county down.

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3 Responses to The Humboldt Consequential is Live and we are PISSED

  1. Joe says:

    It’s about time somebody started calling out our elected fools for the stupid things they do on a daily basis.


  2. Beam Me Up says:

    Yipee, a new Humboldt political blog. Hopefully this will turn out to be as good as the old Humboldt Herald. I really miss the over the top sarcasm and witty insights. Seems like you’re off to a good start.


  3. Do Re Me says:

    I just ran across this site. Great stuff but how about the Assessors office. I have a friend that worked there for awhile and they told me that the entire department is ready to walk. They are all stressed and afraid for their jobs. Apparently several have already quit. It’s like Sempervirns fiasco for bean counters.


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