Supe’s meeting ends in fisticuffs; Sundberg K.O.’d

Ryan gets out of place and Supervisor/Enforcer Rex Bohn slaps him back in line.

I’m thinking Bass KO’s Bohn in the upcoming title bout, she’s got footwork like you wouldn’t believe. Remember when she danced her way around that op-ed fiasco her husband created? Float like a butterfly, slander like a supervisor!

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4 Responses to Supe’s meeting ends in fisticuffs; Sundberg K.O.’d

  1. MastaBlasta says:

    Haha bitch slap! Where the hell do they do shit like that?


  2. Myrtletowner says:

    That is funny as hell! It does seem like it would be more appropriate if it was Lovelace and Bass. I guess it would be pretty hard to find a video of a tall blond with big knockers being beat on by a midget……unless of course you decided to follow Lovelace around.


    • Myrtletowner, Thanks for your note. Yes the Lovelace/Bass slapfest is prime fodder for the Consequental. Unfortunately all we really know about the event is what we read in the paper. No knock to the fine reporters at the Times Standard but as a publication they are known far more for their slave wages than for in depth reporting. If you want to email us with whatever details you have you could easily wind up winning some of the Consequental’s free stuff. See the header or side bar for more information. Win a pizza AND laugh your ass off. Who could ask for more?


  3. AntiBass says:

    I can’t believe I watched that clip all the way to the end. The short chubby one does remind me of Mr. Bass/Owen. I see him at the DCC meetings all the time acting like he owns the place. Has no concept whatsoever that he is not wanted nor welcome.


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