Mosher’s last word on Measure V bribe: “They set me up!”; plus, Mosher duct tapes kids’ feet together.

As finally reported on via the Times-Standard, Hilary Mosher claims that she was set-up by anti-Measure V, anti-rent control interests for the purpose of sabotaging her efforts to enact rent control for mobile homes in Humboldt.

Of course, anyone with a lick of sense (i.e. not LMOB) and the ability to read time stamps on an email could plainly see that she was full of it. We wish to extend our congratulations to Ms. Mosher for coming clean, and would leave her with a friendly word of advice: don’t try to extort people, and maybe just keep your head down for a while.

THC loves how Mosher went all Bill Clinton about her extortion attempt. But it turns out that the only one who could prove Mosher was lying was her conscience – or, you know, the frickin’ email she sent that served as written record she not only attempted extortion but then lied to multiple media outlets who gave her some very good press.


I did not have thieve’n relations with that company!

In other Mosher news, remember when she got accused of duct-taping kids’ legs and ankles together at her Montessori school, and she claimed that she was repairing holes in the kids’ clothes? Well, we found another little document (turns out that Mosher has a poor understanding of how written documentation works), it seems there might have been some truth to that one too.

We present to you, from the State of California’s Health and Human Services Agency’s complaint department, a copy of the complaint lodged against Mosher. Please note the following sentences: “Based on interviews with staff, children, and parents the preponderance of evidence standard has been met, therefore the above allegation is found to be SUBSTANTIATED. Children were not accorded safe, healthful, and comfortable accommodations, by applying duct tape on children’s feet/ankles.”  Just for your reading pleasure, folks.

Is that what they teach you at Montessori?

Turns out no one is safe from her extortin’ and tapin’ ways.

Now, we (almost) promise that this will be the last you hear about Mosher from us. Unless she somehow manages to top this fiasco.

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True North Organizing, HAF and Pat Cleary ignore their “non-political” mission once more

It’s all over the place folks, and HAF, True North, and our favorite champion of the “non-partisan” community organization – Patrick Cleary himself! – aren’t even pretending to hide their political machinations anymore.

Just this past week, True North Organizing Network put on a political debate. Wait til you hear some of the questions that candidates were asked, too. If you thought the recent presidential debates were chock-full of questions that ignored some of the toughest issues – or that were outright designed to benefit one candidate over the other – then you’d have keeled over to hear the questions asked of our current City Council candidates.

Our personal favorite was when candidates were asked what they would have done to support the the protests over the North Dakota oil pipeline – as if the City of Eureka has any damn business sticking their noses in that debate when there are much more pressing issues affecting our community already!

Of course, it would make sense for True North and HAF to fashion a debate geared towards – they already hopped on that bandwagon with the City of Eureka. You’d even think that True North Organizing Network, a group that is ostensibly designed to support and protect minorities and tribal interests, would distance themselves from people like Allen McCloskey – who frickin’ stole from a California Tribe! – but nope!

He’s all over the debate, and all over True North’s Facebook page, spitting the same kind of social-engineering bullshit that Cleary and Co. are trying to force on the rest of Humboldt County. McCloskey even goes so far as to (yet again) accuse a City Council candidate of hating gay folks, after this was publicly refuted and debunked in the Times-Standard.

It didn’t just stop there, either. True North/HAF/Cleary have their hands busy stirring the political pot up in Del Norte, too, as evidenced by the second political event they put on in less than a week.


THC would think it must be exhausting to so vehemently deny political involvement while simultaneously doing everything possible to influence the outcome of local elections, but HAF’s favorite political tool shows no signs of stopping. In fact, they seem to become more bold with every week. (We’d also say that, just for the sake of subtlety, you wouldn’t need to use the word “non-partisan” in the advertising for a debate unless there are some legitimate concerns about the leanings or political involvement of your organization. HAF/True North protests too much, wethinks.)

At what point will the community tire of Humboldt Area Foundation using our generously gifted money to pay their own fat salaries and to manipulate our area’s politics?

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Update! – THC actually gets credit for Hilary Mosher Extortion scoop from The Mad River Union!

Wow THC fans! Your homegrown hero’s and Mikes Hard Lemonade aficionados finally got some long overdue recognition from our local “mainstream” media. After our comment yesterday pointing out the Unions failure to follow journalistic protocol by giving credit to a story’s originator guess what happened? The Unions co-owner, Jack Durham, a well-known supporter of all things left leaning actually did the right thing and changed up his article to deftly insert a few words in our direction.

From The Mad River Union:

“The email was first made public yesterday on The Humboldt Confidential, an anonymous blog.” (emphasis added!)

Of course there was no mention of this correction or the original oversight but hey, we’ll take what we can get. Thanks Jack!

This correction had to hurt since Mosher and her various causes have been long time recipients of  Mad River Union editorial support and bias.

We wonder if The Union will be following up on any of the “scurrilous libel” statements made by Ms. Mosher and quoted in The Mad River Union? We know that if we were lied to as flagrantly as was Jack Durham and his publication we’d be hopping mad and would print some pretty serious editorials on the subject.

Among the most serious of these is the following statement by Mosher taken directly from the pages of the Mad River Union:

“However, Hilary Mosher, chair of the Humboldt Mobilehome Owners Coalition, flatly denies having written the email. “I will not dignify this scurrilous libel with a response,” Mosher stated in an email to the Union.” (emphasis again added)

We assume that Mosher no longer intends to stand by this quote. The curious want to know what The Mad River Union will do to discourage being lied to in the future?


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Just in! THC Headquarters is awash in a wave of Mikes Hard Lemonade! The celebration is due to our latest major scoop. As we reported here:

Hilary Mosher a founding voice and leader of the ill fated and misguided attempt to preserve low income housing by wiping it out was just booted from the campaign when your THC reported that the whole campaign was nothing more than an attempt by Mosher to extort  a new home and a felonious amount of cash from the target of the campaign. You can read the spin version on the Measure V blogsite:

Bye Hilary!

As suggested by another THC regular, Arcatan, it does seem that Moshers actions would receive the attention of  the District Attorney. Of course that’s pretty unlikely here in Humboldt.

Beware wrongdoers THC is on the lookout.

Cheers readers!


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Hilary Mosher offers to drop Measure V if park owners give her property and free rent; read it in her own words!

THC-readers strike again with the dirt on yet another local figure making waves in the Humboldt political scene who are used to somewhat (The other figure was Allen McCloskey of Measure P, in case you missed it.)

From an anonymous source and THC fan comes this e-mail exchange between Hilary Mosher and a guy named Casey Kelley of Follett USA:

Hilary Mosher’s bribe offer to Follett USA

But let’s summarize the message, too: Hilary Mosher offers to drop advocating for Measure V so long as Follett USA provides her with some very appealing financial incentives.

THC quotes from Ms/ Mosher’s email: “To summarize my request: Follet USA/Inspire Communities moves my double-wide out of the park six blocks away onto a lot…on Perini Ave., McKinleyvlille (which you purchase for $100,000.) then writes me a zero per cent interest 10-yr mortgage for $50,000. In exchange I will cease and desist and and all activities related to mobile home housing/parks.”

Jeez. We don’t know where Hilary learned how to negotiate but we kinda wish she’d start representing the County in their labor union talks. You know – fight extortion with extortion?

"And I want a whole new set of pink yard flamingos too!" -Mosher, probably

“And I want a whole new set of pink yard flamingos too!” -Mosher, probably

Anyhow, Mosher continues in her letter: “…I also realize that if you take advantage of this offer soon enough, you may realize at least 100 times more profit than if I continue to push through an ordinance…each day you wait, however, is another day of activism that I am making progress towards that end, and another day that makes it that much harder to stop the downward motion of the growing snowball…


Shit, we kind of like her writing style! Descriptive, direct, nearly-grammatically correct. Almost makes you forget the coldly calculating nature behind the message.

Now, if you go ahead and use the Google machine on Casey Kelley, you’ll find that he’s the COO/CFO of Follett USA, a major owner of mobile home parks in California and the country as a whole.  Inspire Communities, a subsidiary of Follett, seems to be the owner of Ocean West Senior Village in McKinleyville and the Lazy J Ranch in Arcata – where we understand that Mosher lives. (Mr. Casey’s response to Hilary can be found in the full PDF of the letter we linked above and below – but he mostly agrees to sign a non-disclosure agreement about the deal Mosher offers and asks her to give him a call.)

Yikes. Guess it doesn’t look too good for Measure V when the lead proponent is actively soliciting behind-scenes-deals with the people it is threatening. Especially when Hilary Mosher herself couches the Measure as  direct attack on their profits and their properties.

An attack which can only be averted by awarding Ms. Mosher some pretty ridiculous benefits for herself. We’d almost go as far as to say that such coercion is criminal…but we aren’t very good lawyers. So we won’t say that. (You sure can though!)

THC thinks it’s pretty important to note the hypocrisy in the rhetoric Mosher has used to push Measure V and slander park owners. Painting Follett USA, Inspire Communities, and even some of Humboldt’s local park owners as criminals who seek to take advantage of helpless and vulnerable elderly folks living in mobile homes is harsh even without her bribe offer coming to light. It would seem to us, however, that Mosher’s the one trying to take advantage of the park owners who generously offered to help park residents move elsewhere if they so chose.

Which begs the question – are the park owners really the criminals here? Or should that descriptor be reserved for Hilary Mosher and her Measure V extortion racket?

Here’s a link to Mosher’s letter yet again:

Hilary Mosher’s bribe offer to Follett USA

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California’s top legislative analysts: Measure V a death sentence for Humboldt’s low-income housing

Measure V, in THC’s opinion, is a well-meaning attempt to protect affordable housing for the elderly. And that’s great, because it’s sure becoming apparent that the powers that be aren’t keeping an eye out for them.

But in the long run – and especially when one considers the inefficacy of similar rent control policies elsewhere in California – it seems pretty certain that Measure V will accomplish the exact opposite of the intended goal.

Take THC’s go-to authority on the housing crisis in California, the Legislative Analysts Office (LAO). We’ll link you straight to their most relevant piece here: California’s High Housing Costs: Causes and Consequences.

But since it’s a Saturday and you’re probably aching to get to all those projects around the house while you’re cooped up in the rain, we’ll also summarize for you:

  • Housing in California is expensive as f***
  • Not building enough housing leads to a high demand and low supply of housing
  • Overly-burdensome construction and/or housing regulations (example: rent control!) means less people will build.
  • Rent controls, renter’s assistance, low-income housing subsidies benefit a very small portion of the California population, and doesn’t help vast numbers of Californian’s who struggle with housing costs.
  • Housing construction needs to increase in coastal areas (that’s us!)
  • Closing fact: California needs to build more housing – roughly 200,000 thousand units per year –  in order to meet demand and avert a total disaster.

Now, back to Measure V. Measure V is going to severely restrict people’s willingness and ability to build new mobile home parks (which, according to Measure V-er’s, provide around 10% of our area’s total housing) by making it financially unfeasible to do so. Why build anything if it’s going to be at a loss? Sure, it may save some folks from arguably* “unfair” rent increases. But the effects are short-sighted, and will cripple our area’s ability to provide low-income housing to others.

*We say arguably because from what we’ve read, the “unfair increase” claim is total bullshit – but we invite you to educate us.

So how would a measure which would severely limit, if not completely eliminate, the future construction of a critical affordable housing element in our County be beneficial for everyone? Well, surprise! It wouldn’t.

In fact, it would further discourage people from building such crucial housing developments than our local policies already do. Measure V is short-term half-measure that would benefit a pretty darn small number of Humboldt’s residents, while potentially jeopardizing the future of key low-income development in the future.

Measure V passes? Say good-bye to lots of low-income housing. Say hello to higher and higher housing costs for everyone, as well as continuing the trend of housing stagnation.

What it boils down to is that California – and Humboldt County – are in dire need of increasing available low-income housing. Measure V makes it even more certain that developers won’t have any incentive to provide it.

We know that we’ve told you all about the LAO’s position on rectifying the housing crisis in the past, but just in case, here is your very own refresher course on THC’s take on the LAO’s teachings:


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McKinleyville is pissed at Ryan Sundberg for leaving them out of the public process

Turns out that THC isn’t the only one a little concerned with the new DHHS center going in to McKinleyville.

In fact, it turns out that the Social Services hub in McKinleyville went through with little to no input from the surrounding community. The post linked below, which will take you to McKinleyville Community Watch’s Facebook page, delves into some of the many serious concerns that the community has regarding the proposed facility:

McKinleyville Community Watch

Looks like the McKinleyville Community is in an uproar over the fact that, until about a week ago, they had no frickin’ clue this was coming.

Here’s one of our favorite quotes from the Facebook post:

“The key players in this project seemed to dance around the real concerns and try to play them down as if they were not a REAL possibility.”

Say what?? Humboldt County’s elected officials and staff aren’t paying attention to the concerns – and are in fact actively avoiding addressing those concerns? THC is shocked. Shocked, we tell you.

Here are some more highlights:

“The project committee had no REAL answers or facts to support their “belief” that the project wouldn’t bring more problems to the community. The tried very hard to paint a bright, optimistic, and happy picture. One of the people in attendance called them out and made it clear that they have not addressed the POTENTIAL problems associated with these services. There were discussions about Koster Street in Eureka and the container housing. There were discussions about the attempt that Arcata made to provide assistance, which failed. The Committee downplayed all of these discussions.”


“Many people in the group asked repeatedly about the Committees openness about this project. The Committee claimed to have involved the “McKinleyville Community” but the people that were involved all appeared to be those who support this type of service. There have not been any open “Community Meetings” where the average, non-government citizen or business owner can express their concerns or ask questions. Many people in the room had just recently (a week ago) heard about this project. Have YOU heard about this project?”


If you’re a Facebook-er, you’ll be especially interested in how our petulant 5th District Supervisor goes on the offensive against the community for not being involved in the public process – while THC takes the stance that it is an elected Supervisor’s job to ensure that his constituents are informed of critical decisions and developments that will affect them. Rather than, you know, brow-beating them and calling them ignorant for not knowing the ins-and-outs of a pretty complicated proposal.

Here’s more from THC on the Social Services hub:

County to pay king’s ransom for DHHS hub in McKinleyville

The DHHS Monster is coming to McKinleyville

DHHS Director Connie Beck on the proposed one-stop facility in McKinleyville

Note that the flyer posted in the McKinleyville Community Watch thread finally addresses THC’s question about the reimbursing employees for travel to and from McKinleyville – it only took nine months!

On that note, McKinleyville residents can take solace in the knowledge that their government takes the responsibility of responding to the community seriously – it’s just that the answers won’t come until next year, long after the decisions have been made.

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The truth about Measure P: Eureka’s fate in the hands of 1,800 people?

There’s a harsh truth that the proponent of Measure P aren’t telling you about. And it’s that they want to put the fate of the City in the hands of very, very few people.

As it stands, in a town with an estimated population of 27,017, Eureka gets roughly  one-third of those to turn out and vote. So,  in any given election, about 9,000 people show up to the polls. (Hopefully those numbers go up, especially considering it’s a big election year.)

In any case, if one were to divide that total number of voters equally by Eureka’s 5 wards,  that means you’ll get about 1,800 people voting per ward. That’s 1,800 people deciding on a leader of the City who, for four years, will be completely unaccountable to the rest of the populace.

Right now, Eureka residents get five votes for five Council members. For those of that can count, we can all easily recognize that – should Measure P pass – Eurekan’s will lose four out of the five votes they currently able to cast.

Got a problem you need to talk about? Well, “F*** you and go find your own Ward’s representative” will be the answer you’re going to get from 80% of the City Council. THC, and most people in general, probably like the number of “F*** you”‘s they get from elected officials to hover around the 50% mark

In THC’s mind, 1,800 people having such an enormous impact on a city of 27,000 isn’t wise, nor politically fair. We are all for the minority vote, and appreciate that Measure P’s advocates (may) actually want to represent minority voters better through True Ward voting. THC – and anyone who’s thinking honestly about it – realizes that there really isn’t a “minority” that isn’t being represented in Eureka, and there certainly isn’t one that will be better represented by

THC does kind of laugh when Measure P-er’s try to appeal to the City of Eureka’s exposure to a legal battle due to not having a True Ward system. Because A.) that’s straight out of the “righty” playbook!, and B.) they sure seem to be the people who file the lawsuits instead of attempting to “protect” their City and their neighbors from them. But oh well.

Another point that P-er’s try to dismiss is the difference in population between Eureka and other places in California – like Los Angeles – which employ the . Let’s be clear on the difference: Los Angeles, and other large municipalities, do have vastly different populations that are generally more concentrated in certain areas. It makes sense.

Of course, like Los Angeles, Eureka already has too much crime, drugs, and homelessness – THC doesn’t think Eureka needs to get infected with their political system, either. Look where that’s gotten them.

And look where it could get us – at a place where one neighborhood and a couple hundred votes could swing the entire future of the City in a direction that way more than half the population does not want.


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Allen McCloskey, Measure P advocate and former City Council candidate, defrauds Pomo Tribe of $27,000 to buy a taco truck

According to a Times-Standard article, Allen McCloskey recently spoke at the Eureka Elks Lodge in favor of Measure P. At the Elks, McCloskey said “the current system rewarded the wealthy few and was not ideal for a democratic system.

He went on to say that “Council elections can cost anywhere from $10,000 to $90,000. Who has that kind of money? A lot of good working people look at these amounts and just give up on running for City Council.”

True, that, Allen. Many of us only dream of having that kind of cash at our disposal.

McCloskey, however, apparently isn’t very keen on giving up on big money dreams, even if the cash he dreams about ain’t his. Turns out that McCloskey might have had that kind of money – if he hadn’t used the $27,000 dollars he stole from the Scotts Valley Tribe of Pomo Indians to buy himself a taco truck back in 2013.

At least, that’s what a letter the Scotts Valley Tribe of Pomo Indians penned to the Federal Bureau of Investigation alleges. Specifically, on September 20th of 2013,  Pomo Tribe Council Chairman Donald Arnold wrote that:

“On behalf of the Scotts Valley Band of Pomo Indians (“the Tribe”), I am requesting the immediate assistance of the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) to investigate an urgent matter. The Tribal council has evidence of the following: While in the position of Tribal Administrator, an individual by the name of Allen McCloskey created a fictitious business to defraud the Tribe of $27,00.00 and potentially other money and resources. Through deceit, concealment, and violation of trust, Mr. McCloskey victimized the Tribe and obtained Tribal assets for his own personal advantage.”


Here’s a link to the full text in it’s original form:

POMO letter to FBI and FBI Response, Original

As a favor to our readers, who may have terrible frickin’ eyesight like we do, and therefore can’t read that low-quality copy, we had a friend of THC transcribe them for us. You can read them here:

POMO letter to FBI: McCloskey Fraud

FBI Response to POMO about McCloskey

So, let’s unpack this a little bit, shall we? We recall that McCloskey blamed health reasons for dropping out of the City Council race, and THC is loathe to dispute that fact – he may well be in poor health. However, it’s curious that a source-who-shall-not-be-named, and whom we consider to be very reliable, happened to forward us the letter from the Pomo and the FBI mere days after McCloskey dropped out.

On the one hand, THC thinks that we should all be very grateful that such an alleged crook isn’t going to be our next Council member. Just imagine what kind of shenanigans he could have pulled from the Council seat. If not embezzling or fraud, Eureka certainly wouldn’t want such an unscrupulous character on the Council.

On the other hand, it’s a real shame that McCloskey has been so intricately involved in pushing Measure P. Quite an ironic twist, really; a man who defrauds the Native Tribe he works for pushing an ordinance that purports to remove corruption and “big money” from local Eureka politics, which is in turn supported and endorsed by the Humboldt County Democratic Central Committee. (Who, if you don’t recall, are some pretty serious contenders, and corrupt themselves, when it comes to laundering money for political purposes.)

But let’s get back to the letter for a moment. More specifically, let’s address the fact that everybody loves tacos. But do any of us love them enough to steal from our employer/an impoverished Native Tribe?

Also, Tacos Chavez seems like an uninspired title for the business of a man who demonstrated such creative entrepreneurship when getting the seed money for his company.

We’ve been told that McCloskey is highly involved with Austin Allison’s campaign; a message sent to Allison’s campaign website seeking to confirm that has yet to be returned. However, we do know that Allison and McCloskey’s campaign platforms were much one and the same, and local media outlets seem to draw a pretty clear connection between the two:


(UPDATE: He Qualified) New Candidate Emerges in Eureka’s Fourth Ward, Right Up Against Deadline

austin-and-mccloskey-2Austin Allison Launches Campaign for Eureka City Council

THC of course contacted the Pomo Tribe about their take on the McCloskey’s allegation, and we are awaiting word back from the current Tribal Chair. A representative of the Pomo Tribe did confirm to us that they believe the Allen McCloskey supporting Measure P in Eureka is the same man who defrauded them, and that his whereabouts have been unknown to the Tribe since his abrupt resignation and disappearance.

Similarly, multiple public records searches show that Allen Don McCloskey – the full name of the McCloskey who ran for Council here (thanks Chiv!) – did indeed work for the Pomo Valley Tribe. Here’s a link to a free one. (You can’t have the ones we paid for, sorry.) You’ll note from both the Pomo letter and the record search that one of McCloskey’s former places of residence was Kelseyville, CA, where the Pomo Tribe operates.

We’ll be sure to update you when we hear back from the Pomo Tribe with their take on the McCloskey’s history with them, but before we leave you, consider this: if a man like McCloskey is supporting Measure P, and supported by the HCDCC, what does that say about Measure P and the HCDCC?

Similarly, if young Austin Allison’s campaign vision, platform, and decision to run are as greatly influenced by McCloskey as seems to be the case, do we really want him on the City Council. THC thinks not; what do you think?

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County to pay king’s ransom for DHHS hub in McKinleyville

As reported in the Mad River Union, Humboldt’s DHHS is set to open a social/health services hub in McKinleyville to better serve the folks up North County way.

Of course, the hub itself is old news. THC reported on it nearly six months ago, and even had a nice email exchange with then-new DHHS Director Connie Beck about the facility forwarded to us by a THC fan.

The DHHS Monster is coming to McKinleyville

DHHS Director Connie Beck on the proposed one-stop facility in McKinleyville

But the recent article in the MRU uncovered another ridiculous part of the plan to open the shop, and one that THC has harped on before: the amount of rent the County will be paying for the space.

According to the MRU, the County will pay $2.16/square foot in rent every month! For a $13,400 square foot building, or $28,944 a month or $347,328 per year. And they even have the potential to go higher via increases that correspond to the CPI.

Let THC say here and now that those payments are astronomical not only in Humboldt, nor only for the already high rents the County is accustomed to paying, but for all across the state. You can find commercial space for lease at less than what the County is paying in L.A., San Francisco, and Silicon Valley, too.

Just what are these people thinking? What a waste of money! And before you go saying that lots of DHHS’ money comes from non-county sources, let us remind you that state and federal monies for DHHS come out of your pocket, too. And just think…the County wants us to pay more taxes when

Here’s a refresher on just what the County is paying in rent for commercial spaces, who they are paying it to, and for how much space:

Are you surprised that (nearly) DHHS Director Kristin Brinks bailed?


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